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Free Tax Webinar for Grad Students and Postdocs

Help is here! Learn how to prepare your 2017 grad student or postdoc tax return.

Perfect for Funded PhD Students and Postdocs with Fellowships

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This webinar covers the information you need to know to file your US federal tax return. It is designed for (domestic):

  • graduate students receiving fellowship stipends, assistantship pay, and/or tuition scholarships/waivers and
  • postdocs with non-W-2 income.

The webinar covers:

  • Federal income tax basics (deductions, credits, progressive tax brackets)
  • Tax preparation methods
  • Pay types and tax forms, including
    • W-2
    • 1099-MISC (Box 3)
    • 1098-T
    • Courtesy letter
    • None at all
  • Calculating and reporting your income(s)
  • (Students only) Using qualified education expenses to reduce your tax burden
  • Paying tax throughout the year if you have nothing withheld
  • Tax repercussions of fellowship pay and/or student status
  • Changes for your 2018 tax return

The webinar took place on 3/9/2018; you will receive a replay of the entire event shortly after registration.

The presenter is Emily Roberts of Personal Finance for PhDs. Emily holds a PhD and is well versed taxes for graduate students and fellows, but is not a tax professional; the content in this webinar does not constitute tax advice.

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